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Chain Reaction (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the scene near the start where the laboratory explodes the strength of the explosion is sufficient to lay waste the entire area surrounding the lab and to cause articulated trucks to fly through the air, yet Keanu Reeves manages to survive by taking shelter in a shallow cutting. This would not be possible.

Correction: It is possible to avoid the explosion in a ditch as the explosion would go over the top of it. think like sitting behind a wall with the wind blowing over the top, you dont feel it. the same is true of the explosion and the ditch.

Corrected entry: When the laboratory is about to explode, Morgan Freeman and the head of C-Systems are riding to the surface in an elevator. A gun shot is heard, and we see that Morgan Freeman has killed his boss. In one angle where Morgan Freeman is exiting the elevator they show a shot of his boss, dead, in the corner of the elevator. If you look closely enough you can see his eye move, even though he's supposed to be dead.

Correction: His eye moves because he is still alive. He was just shot a few seconds ago and was dying, not dead. That's why Freeman talks to him after shooting him.

Corrected entry: With all of the high tech equipment at their disposal at C-Systems, couldn't the scientists simply have played through all available audible sound frequencies untill they found the one to stabilize the reaction?

Correction: Reeves hurried character never "computer modeled" his resonating chamber that he was rebuilding in the scene where he discovers the "Sounds" that harmonically vibrate; the spectrum analizer reveals that it is not one frequency but a magical group of sounds that were generated by his CNC machine tool.

Continuity mistake: In the final underground laboratory explosion scene Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz are being pulled up to the surface in a cage by a crane on the surface and are covered with grey soot from the underground explosion. In the ensuing scene when being met by the people on the surface they are all cleaned up.

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