Gods and Monsters

Revealing mistake: After Whale compliments Clayton for the marvellous shape of his head, Clayton pulls faces at himself in the side mirror of his pick-up before he drives off. Considering that the camera is positioned at hip level and we see his face in the mirror he couldn't actually see himself. (00:24:40)


Revealing mistake: In the last scene of the movie Clayton steps of the house and it starts raining. The first rain comes down diagonally in a big gush like from a watering can. (01:36:50)


Continuity mistake: Whale commits suicide by drowning himself in the pool. When Clayton pulls him out the color of Whale's suit changes from black to brownish, and vice versa when Clayton throws him back in. Varying degrees of wetness should not be the reason as he should be drenched too while he is lying at the poolside. (01:33:40)

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Betty: I bet he's some fruit just pretending to be famous so that he can get in the big guy's pants.
Clayton Boone: What makes you say that?
Betty: Just thinking out loud.
Clayton Boone: Well, why don't you just keep your dirty thoughts to yourself?
Betty: Alright then, he's interested in you for your conversation. We all know what a great talker you are.
Clayton Boone: Fuck you.
Betty: Not anymore you don't.

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Trivia: Ian McKellen became the first openly-homosexual actor to be nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Actor" for his performance in this film.

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