Pootie Tang

Visible crew/equipment: When the sheriff's daughter, Stacie, visits Pootie at the farm, she jumps and pushes him through a window. In the next shot you see him falling into the house, and you can clearly see a pad on his back.

Continuity mistake: When the DJ was broadcasting the new Pootie Tang song, pay attention to the hotdog eating guy. Through out the scene and between shoots, the hotdog was never fully finished. (In video viewing)

Factual error: When Pootie is leaving Biggie Shorty's house, he says he is going away. Biggie Shorty asks where, to which Pootie replies he doesn't know. Biggie Shorty says that she has a home in the country and Pootie can stay there. (She even says South Carolina I think). Later in the movie after Pootie has gone to the country home, in the scene where the Sheriff introduces Pootie to his daughter, you can clearly see a NJ Turnpike sticker in the store window behind the Sheriff. The NJ Turnpike does not run through South Carolina, it is in New Jersey.

Continuity mistake: When the man in the blue shirt attempts to rob Pootie Tang, after losing his knife, he fires a gun at Pootie Tang. Pootie Tang deflects the shots with his belt, but only one of the bullets hits the robber. When we get a close up of the robber on the ground, he has about three or four bullet holes in his shirt and there isn't any blood on him.

Revealing mistake: In the intro (or one of the intros, rather), they narrate Pootie Tang's origin. A fake newspaper called "New York Pone" is shown, with the front page dedicated to baby Pootie and his invention of a new language. All fun and everything, but the prop is sloppy; you can read below the name of this fake 70s newspaper the URL of the New York Post' s website and the date in April 2001. (00:08:35)

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