No Retreat, No Surrender

Audio problem: It's not even during a cut, just a badly timed cue; the second round in Ian's match starts, and the bell rings, when the wall clock signals already 1:55. (01:30:45)

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Audio problem: Ian gets in the ring to obviously canned crowd cheers preceded by a completely unnatural pause with the boos drowned out. (01:28:20)

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Audio problem: During the training to defeat the champion from Soviet Russia, Bruce Lee says "This time I'll kick YOU", but the phrase is out of synch. (01:00:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Jason is trying to kick a sandbag whilst one leg is suspended in a noose, the sand bag starts the scene about waist high, then is hoisted to the ceiling by Bruce Lee. Jason succeeds in hitting the bag in the next shot, but the bag is back at waist height. (01:03:35)

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Ivan: So it is you, son, is it not?
Jason Stillwell: But this time it will be different. Russian.

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