No Retreat, No Surrender

Plot hole: Kelly is a friend of Jason's from LA and they have been seeing each other since he transferred to Seattle (he mentions 'the other day' she saw something at the pet store). Basically the one passion in life Jason has, is karate. Her brother is the US karate champion, and yet Jason didn't know that or even that he was from Seattle. That's absurd on several levels, since it implies that he wouldn't know her last name (then how did they stay in touch?) and they never ever talked about anything personal, because it's fairly obvious it would come up really easily.

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Continuity mistake: When Jason is trying to kick a sandbag whilst one leg is suspended in a noose, the sand bag starts the scene about waist high, then is hoisted to the ceiling by Bruce Lee. Jason succeeds in hitting the bag in the next shot, but the bag is back at waist height. (01:03:35)

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Ivan: So it is you, son, is it not?
Jason Stillwell: But this time it will be different. Russian.

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