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Corrected entry: When Jamal is playing bridge with his aunt and her friends, one of the ladies decides to take off her bra. When she is pulling it out of her shirt, you can see that she has another bra on. The bra she removes is beige and the strap of the bra she has on is white.

Correction: In this particular scene, the woman that is removing her bra appears to be wearing another type of garment other than a second bra, such as an undershirt with straps.

Corrected entry: Juwanna Mann is showering with her uniform on after a game so that the girls won't know that she's really a man. But why then are Vivica Fox and Kim Wayans showering in a towel and a bathrobe?

Correction: These showers are individual nozzles and operate on an individual basis. if you check closer, the nozzles for Vivica and Kim are not turned on.

Corrected entry: Come on now - Jeffries carries his WNBA team to a championship, then they find out that he's actually a man, but they let them keep the championship? In real life, they would have to give back their rings and every game of the season that "Juwanna" played in would be a forfeit. Not to mention it would have caused a tremendous uproar in the league, leading to a financial backlash, but at the end the players say that Jeffires "hasn't disgraced the league."

Correction: The league that they were playing in is called the WUBA, not the WNBA. This fictitious league may have different rules and regulations that do not inflict immediate financial repercussions or forfeits for offenders.

Corrected entry: In the WNBA it is illegal to make a slam dunk in order to score, but in the last game Juwanna Mann slam dunks the ball to win the game. But how could this be if she should be penalized for it?

Correction: It is perfectly legal to dunk in the WNBA. Lisa Leslie was the first to do it for the L.A. Sparks againt the Miami Sol on July 30, 2002. Michelle Snow for the Houston Comets has also done it.

Factual error: When coach says the insurance requires a physical to play, Juwanna Mann avoided it by dressing in a chicken suit. Later, when the team waits for Juwanna Mann to show up for the playoff game, s/he's allowed to play although she didn't finish taking the physical.

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