Continuity mistake: When Luz is talking to Jet on the phone for the first time, from the front she's fiddling with the phone cord with her left hand. When it cuts to the reverse, however, her hand is flat on the desk.

Continuity mistake: When Sarge approaches the elderly Mexican man and his family at the boot in the diner, he picks him up from the booth, facing the camera, and turns to escort him towards the front doors. Jordan stops him, and Sarge confronts him about his grandchild at their booth. The camera cuts away to the young wife and child seated at the booth. When the camera cuts back to the confrontational scene between Jordan and Sarge, the elderly man is no longer standing with Sarge but is seated back in the booth.

Continuity mistake: When the Benedicts return home after the fight in the diner, Uncle Bawley is playing the organ, which is now on the left side of the room.

Factual error: When the boy is crying because he's made to ride a pony, the Texas flag is made wrong. The top star point is toward the red stripe instead of the white strip as it should be. In other scenes the flag is flown upside down - the white stripe should be on top.

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Jett Rink: You sure do look pretty, Miss Leslie. Pert nigh good enough to eat.

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Question: When was 'Giant' first shown (month-day-year) on network television?

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