Trivia: When Shaggy looks out into the cavern, he looks like he is about to cry, for no reason at all. This is because there was a scene directly before it in which Daphne's spirit thing was sucked out and she turned into a monster, which was eventually cut because it was too scary.

Trivia: When Shaggy and Scooby walk into the kitchen, in the ride, and Shaggy says "lights, camera, action." He walks by a camera on a tripod pretending that it is supposed to be there. But a few seconds later, we see a shot of Shaggy coming from that exact angle, it is obviously being used to film the movie.

Forrest Wilkinson

Trivia: After the Mystery Machine crashes through the wall of the warehouse at the start of the film, a group of girls run to Fred for his autograph. The girl at the front of the group is director Raja Gosnell's real-life daughter.

Trivia: Writer James Gunn originally wrote the film to be a darker, edgier comedy geared more towards adults who grew up with the original cartoon than geared towards children. (His intention was for the film to be rated PG-13.) However, it was edited down to a family-friendly PG rating after parents complained during test-screenings, and because the studio felt the film should ultimately be aimed at children. Among the content cut for the PG rating was a kiss between Velma and Daphne, some crude jokes, and footage with (very) visible cleavage, which had to be covered up with CG.


Trivia: Before Rowan Atkinson was cast as Emile Mondavarious, Tim Curry was offered the role, but declined after realising that Scrappy-Doo was in the movie, a character Curry dislikes.

Continuity mistake: When the monster comes out of Daphne's body, Velma runs to the window and her right hand is about to open the blind (she holds the string). When the shot cuts to Daphne, we can see the lower part of Velma's body in the background with both of her hands down (doing nothing). When the shot cuts to Velma again, her right hand is up and about to pull the string. (00:53:35)

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Fred: Mr. Mononucleosis, we have hit a clue smorgasboard.

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Question: In the shot of Scooby and Shaggy in the Mystery Machine leaving the Wow-O-Toy Factory, where were they headed?

Answer: It's never mentioned where they went afterwards.


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