Bad Company

Bad Company (2002)

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Corrected entry: Before turning into the grass patch, Chris Rock hits a man who holds onto the windscreen wipers. We see the same man break off the side-mirror, with which he smashes the windscreen. Afterwards, throughout the rest of the chase, the windscreen is intact.

Correction: The bad guy on the car uses the mirror to smash the glass of the sunroof, not the windshield.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie, Oakes' men implant a transceiver behind Hayes' ear to hear what he hears. Makes sense. But why can't that thing act as a LOCATOR as well, so that they don't lose track of Jake?

Correction: The transceiver is just a sophisticated wire and does not have a homing device. Just like if I'm using a walkee-talkee, it will let you hear me but you can't trace me.



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