Bad Company

Continuity mistake: When Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins are being chased through the woods, they crash into a tree near the end of the chase. When it shows the front of the Mercedes Benz crashing, the licence plate is torn from the car. Then in the next shot, the plate is simply dented, but still attached to the car.


Continuity mistake: The special phone used by Rock (the Nokia 9210 if it's the European version) is always used the wrong way around. To make a phone call, you must talk and listen to the backside, not as with most other Mobiles, where you talk and listen on the same side as you find the display! And by the way, in each close-up of the phone there was no reception indicated on the screen!


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene the agreed upon price for the bomb is $30 million. $1 million is submitted as down payment in cash. Later on the balance discussed is always $19 million and the transfer shown on the screen is indeed $19,000,000 from Midland BS bank. Where did the missing $10 million go?


Continuity mistake: Chris Rock is hiding from the bad guys in a laundry chute when his cell phone rings. He answers it with one hand, but in another shot, you can see the other arm move - the arm that he is using to hold on from falling.


Continuity mistake: After leaving the old hospital and going through the city, the same shot gets played twice.


Continuity mistake: In the chess park table scene, when Chris Rock is playing chess, you can see the placement of the pieces move around dramatically in different shots, which you cannot do in a few seconds of playing. In one part their are practically no pieces left, though in the next shot the game has many pieces on the board and looks like the game just started.

Kelsey H.

Continuity mistake: When the guy who's breaking into Chris Rock's apartment takes a jump from the top of the roof, he breaks through some poles on his way down. But when you see him lying there, you can't see bits of poles or anything around him.


Continuity mistake: Early in the movie, when Chris Rock meets Anthony Hopkins in the park, Hopkins says April 5th, 1970 as the brothers date of birth. Then, when Chris Rock is asking the CIA agents what his brother liked, he asks "What 29 year old brother doesn't like a little bit of rap?" which would make it 1999. Then at the end of the movie, when Rock, his foster mother and girlfriend are visiting the CIA HQ, they look at the book of agents who have died and it says 2003 - Kevin Pope.


Continuity mistake: When Chris rock is getting debriefed before the meet at the monastery, in one shot his arms are at his side, next shot they are folded and next shot they are at his side again. All the shots happen within seconds and all in one sentence.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie Jake Hayes is in the CIA headquarters explaining to his girlfriend and foster mother that when a CIA operative is killed in the line of duty his name is written in the book and the book is sealed up so no one knows who he is, but the book is in a display case in a public area of the CIA headquarters with Kevin Pope's name there for every one to see.


Continuity mistake: The scene after Michelle is shot by the Russian bad guy, they start shooting at Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins because they have the bomb with them. Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock are unarmed when they entered the church. In the shot just before Hopkins gets a gun, from one guy who was shot in front of him, you can see Hopkins already has a gun in his hand and then the next shot the gun disappears and you can see Hopkins grab one from the dead bad guy.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin is in Michael's hotel room, and he comes upon Michael's girlfriend we see her getting dressed after just coming out of the shower. We see her take her robe off, then the camera cuts to Michael, and when it cuts back, she takes it off again.


Continuity mistake: In the scene after Chris Rock is coming back from seeing the antique vase, and the assassin breaks in to kill him, he climbs out of his bathroom window onto a ledge. He climbs out, begins to move to the left, and then screams. When he screams, it cuts to a different shot, and Chris is back in front of the window when he was after moving to the left of it.

Ian Mugford

Continuity mistake: During the shootout in the baggage room at the train station, Anthony Hopkins tells Chris Rock to get the suitcase with the bomb in it. After some back chat Chris Rock says, 'I'll get the case.' but his lips don't move. To make it more obvious his tongue is sticking out at the time.

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene in the countryside, Chris Rock's character makes a turn into a field. If you look you can see marks from the car made in the grass from previous takes.

Continuity mistake: When Chris Rock is talking to Anthony Hopkins in the diner, He turns to look at him while talking, but in the next shot he is rubbing his face with his hand and looking straight ahead.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie where the bad guys are chasing Hopkins and Rock in the field, one of the bad guys lands on the hood of the Mercedes. He rips of the driver's mirror and uses it to smash the windshield. In later scenes the windshield is whole again.

Continuity mistake: The movie makes it out Chris is an awesome chess player, though in the chess scene, you see Chris make some terribly awful moves and make some moves that aren't even legal.

Kelsey H.

Continuity mistake: When Nicole gets out of the shower the scene switches to Anthony Hopkins and then switches back to the room and she is completely dry after only a few seconds.

Continuity mistake: When Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins are being chased through the woods, they crash into a tree near the end of the chase. When it shows the front of the Mercedes Benz crashing, the licence plate is torn from the car. Then in the next shot, the plate is simply dented, but still attached to the car.

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Roland Yates: If it breathes, it dies.

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Question: When the Czech bad guy is reading out the numbers to set the nuclear device is he reading out in Greek, not Czech?

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