Drunken Master 2

Drunken Master 2 (1979)

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Corrected entry: When Fei Hung's stepmom is first shown playing Mahjong, she turns back-and-forth a few times and the women playing with her aren't seen anywhere. When she turns around the final time all of the women are there.

Correction: That is because the women are supposed to be behind the camera.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When the number one bad guy boots Jackie in to the coals, watch where he is off-camera, he sticks out half him arm and gives a thumbs-up within filming range by accident.

Correction: The villain was within camera at the time and there is no reason this does not fit into the story. The thumbs up was directed at his accomplice.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie and the five men are fighting in the streets and Jackie's mother throws him two bottles, he breaks them on each other and he starts drinking. The first shot the bottles are broken when he is drinking. In the next shot when it changes from the head gangster and back to Jackie, the bottles aren't even broken. They are new bottles, with the lids removed. How can bottles repair themselves?

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