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The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

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Corrected entry: At the beginning when you watch the movie and the girl jumps from the roof of the school you will notice she jumps from the right side of the corner of the building. Then when Rachel plays the memory back in her head you will notice that her friend jumps off of the left side of the building and the corner of the building is to her right this time.

Correction: Rachel didn't witness her jumping, she only saw her afterwards so she couldn't have known where she jumped from.

Corrected entry: In one scene it shows the teacher who was in Carrie and had her boyfriend go with Carrie to the prom. At one part of Carrie 2, The Rage they show her having a flashback and it shows Carrie screaming with the blood all over her. The blooper is that she was kicked out of the prom before the blood was dropped. She tried to stop it and told one of the teachers who thought she was hysterical and kicked her out of the prom. So there's no way she could of had a flash back of Carrie screaming with the pig blood on her, because she wasn't in the room to see it happen.

Correction: the Counsolor was kicked out of the prom in the first movie, but she was also looking through that glass in the door, that is how she could have flash backs to the prom night.

Corrected entry: In the original it is stated that Carrie's dad died before Carrie was born, and supposedly Carrie and Rachel have the same dad. But Carrie 2 takes place about 18 years after the original so there is no possible way that they could have the same father.

Correction: In the first movie Carrie tells what happened to her father. "He ran away with another woman" he didn't die.

Continuity mistake: When Tracy and Jesse hook up in his car, Tracy puts her tank top on. When Jesse drops her off at home she puts her book bag over her shoulder. When she turns around to go into her house you can see that her book bag strap is under her tank top strap.

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Monica: He's just letting little Jesse do the thinking for big Jesse.

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