The Rage: Carrie 2

Continuity mistake: Rachel (Emily Bergl) is in her kitchen and she has a black and white flash back in her kitchen by the sink. One minute, she has on a flannel shirt, the next its gone and she's only wearing a tank top. A second later, the flannel shirt is back on.

Continuity mistake: The position of Lisa, the blood, and the windshield cracks change between the suicide scene and the scene of Rachel discovering her dead body.

Continuity mistake: When Tracy and Jesse hook up in his car, Tracy puts her tank top on. When Jesse drops her off at home she puts her book bag over her shoulder. When she turns around to go into her house you can see that her book bag strap is under her tank top strap.

Continuity mistake: After the season opener football game, Rachel is seen in the back seat of a convertible with two other girls in the front, heading to a local party. In that scene the sun is shining. In the the next scene, as the girls arrive at the party, it is dark outside.

Continuity mistake: Rachel breaks the snow globe on the counselor's desk. After it shatters, there's only a small piece of glass still in it. When Rachel leaves the room, the camera shows another shot of it. Only this time, there's a much larger piece on the opposite side intact.


Continuity mistake: When Rachel and Jesse are at the diner, her sleeve keeps changing positions from down over her hand to back above her wrist depending on the shot.


Continuity mistake: When Rachel is talking to Monica at the make up store, she has a container of cream in her hand. She smells it, lets Rachel smell it, then puts the lid on. Next shot shows her putting the lid on again.


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