Crocodile Dundee II

Crocodile Dundee II (1988)

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Revealing mistake: Near the end, Dundee captures Rico (the bad guy) and changes clothes with him. Dundee is at least 6 inches taller than Rico, yet the traded clothes fit both men perfectly.

Character mistake: When Mick arrives at walkabout hotel, Nugget introduces himself to Mick as if they have never met before. Yet in the first movie, Nugget is asking how Mick is getting on in New York. It may be just a case of over familiarity by Nugget but it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Factual error: The sequence showing the moon is incorrect as it shows the Moon as it looks from the northern hemisphere. It should be inverted.

Continuity mistake: When the first two baddies are captured they are tied up back to back in the cave. Next time they are seen, they are side by side.

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Suggested correction: Too much time has passed in the film for this to be a mistake. They are first shown tied up back to back in the afternoon when Sue watches them alone. When Mick returns, he invites Sue along for his "phone call." The next two scenes, which are at night time, are of Sue collecting berries and of the bats attacking the bad guys camp. Following this, Mick and Sue are shown around a camp fire and the two are tied up side to side.

Continuity mistake: In the cave, Sue tells Mick that the rifle has no more ammo, but when she goes to help Mick, she shoots the bad guy with the very same rifle.

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Suggested correction: They are two different rifles, but of the same family. Per IMFDB, Mick uses a customized Enfield .303 Sporter. The rifle Sue uses later belongs to Jose (Luis Guzman) and is a Pattern M1914 Enfield. It is distinct because it is scoped whereas Mick's rifle earlier was not.

Continuity mistake: When in the apartment with the NYPD Officer, the door is open in the background. When the two DEA Agents arrive, they have to open the door.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Mick is fishing, the shadow from World Trade Center tower 2 is on tower 1. When the police come, the shadows are still there. But seconds later when the chopper is flying away, the shadow is gone.

Other mistake: When Rico has Walter in the jungle, he yells to Dundee "I know you're up there" (and it echos), then he yells "come down" (and it echos), then he says "or I will shoot your friend", but that line doesn't echo.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film Mick Dundee changes clothes with a Columbian drug dealer to lure his accomplice out. The film then shows his old friend taking aim at what he believes is the Columbian, he aims his rifle as you see Mick and the Columbian walking right to left. Mick's friend shoots, hitting his target on the left side. When you next see Mick a few seconds later his right arm is wounded.

Dave Fletcher

Continuity mistake: After rescuing Walter in the water, they both get out and they're soaked. When Walter enters the camp, his clothes and his hat are 100% completely dry. There is no way he could've been dried off completely that fast.

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Suggested correction: Since we don't know how long Walter was wandering before he found the camp, he could easily have been wandering long enough in the hot Australian sun to dry his clothes completely.


Kid: That's an iguana. It's real big lizard. You can eat it, but it tastes like shit. Right, Mick?

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Question: If the crocs in this movie are saltwater crocodiles, why is the lady sipping then filling her canteen with saltwater? Later when swimming with Dundee in freshwater, no crocs.

Answer: Saltwater crocodiles ("Salties") are equally at home in fresh or salt water. Sue was filling her canteen from the water in a billabong, a freshwater lake.

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