The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man (1952)

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Continuity mistake: When Sean shows up to meet with Mary Kate and her brother he is carrying pink roses. The entire time he is in the house the roses are now red.


Continuity mistake: During the extended fight scene, Will Danaher and Sean Thornton go crashing into a hay stack. As they emerge, they announce to the crowd that they are going to fight by the Marquis de Queensbury Rules. As they make the announcement, Sean Thornton's back is covered in hay. As he turns, the camera cuts to follow him, and there is instantly no hay on his back.

Continuity mistake: When John Wayne first meets with the woman at the church, the first time we see her she puts a dark piece of clothing over her head. In the next scene, which is a closer angle, it is gone.

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Continuity mistake: Barry Fitzgerald meets with Maureen O'Hara as the shocklehorn (matchmaker). When they go into the house, it's a clear day. As they talk in the house, every time the camera turns to O'Hara, the window behind her shows a rainy day, but every other view out every other window shows a clear day.


Fishwoman with basket at station: Sir... Sir... Here's a good stick, to beat the lovely lady.

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Trivia: Many of the actors in this film were related. Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shield were brothers. Charles and James Fitzsimons were Maureen O'Hara's real-life brothers (Fitzsimons was her real surname), and Francis Ford was director John Ford's brother. In the race scene where Maureen O'Hara is in a hay wagon, the four people with her are John Wayne's children. Patrick and Melinda in the wagon with O'Hara, Michael and Toni stand next to the wagon.

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