The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man (1952)


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Michaleen Flynn: None 'o that now, none 'o that. It's a bold sinful man y'are Sean Thornton. And who taught you to be playin' patty-fingers in the Holy Water?
Thornton: Just bein' polite, is all.

Ignatius Feeney: A pound on Thornton against the Squire.
Michaleen Flynn: Go away, ye traiter, ya.

Fishwoman with basket at station: Sir... Sir... Here's a good stick, to beat the lovely lady.

Michaleen Flynn: Is this a courting or a donnybrook? Have the good manners not to hit the man until he's your husband and entitled to hit you back.

Michaleen Flynn: Well it's a nice, soft night, so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason. G'night, Sean.
Thornton: G'night, Michaleen.

Michaleen Flynn: ...and her with her freckles and her temper. Oh, that red head of hers is no lie.

"Red Will" Danaher: I'll let you buy me a drink, at your wake! Ha.

"Red Will" Danaher: He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long.

Mary Kate Danaher: What manner of man is it that I have married?
Hugh Forbes: A better one, I think, than you know, Mary Kate.

Michaleen Flynn: Two women in the house - and one of them a redhead.

Ignatius Feeney: Is that a bed, or a parade ground? A man would have to be a sprinter to catch his wife in a bed like that.

Thornton: There'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate... except those in your own mercenary little heart.

Michaleen Flynn: He's a nice, quiet, peace-loving man, come home to Ireland to forget his troubles. Sure, yes, yes, he's a millionare, you know, like all the Yanks. But he's eccentric - ooh, he is eccentric! Wait 'til I show ya... his bag to sleep in - a sleeping bag, he calls it! Here, let me show you how it operates.

Thornton: Si' down, si' down. That's what chairs are for.

Michaleen Flynn: I could tell you blood curdling stories about him but, but me throat, me throat's gone dry.

Mary Kate Danaher: I have a fearful temper. You might as well know about it now instead of findin' out about it later. We Danahers are a fightin' people.
Thornton: I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do to one of the Danahers - Miss Danaher.
Mary Kate Danaher: Shhh, Mr. Thornton! What will Mr. Flynn be thinkin'?

"Red Will" Danaher: I'll count three, and if you're not out of the house by then, I'll loose the dogs on you.
Thornton: If you say "three," mister, you'll never hear the man count "ten."

Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: Now I want youse all to cheer like Protestants.

Continuity mistake: When John Wayne first meets with the woman at the church, the first time we see her she puts a dark piece of clothing over her head. In the next scene, which is a closer angle, it is gone.

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Trivia: Many of the actors in this film were related. Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shield were brothers. Charles and James Fitzsimons were Maureen O'Hara's real-life brothers (Fitzsimons was her real surname), and Francis Ford was director John Ford's brother. In the race scene where Maureen O'Hara is in a hay wagon, the four people with her are John Wayne's children. Patrick and Melinda in the wagon with O'Hara, Michael and Toni stand next to the wagon.

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