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Corrected entry: Bush is ordered to take on "enough stores to make us independent for six months".Yet, as the stores come aboard, the crew is seen unloading hog carcasses, which would rot in short order. Beef and pork salted down in brine barrels was the standard fare for the Royal Navy in this era.

Correction: Fresh meat WAS taken on board these vessels, in addition to salted beef, pork and mutton. The fresh meat was eaten during the first few days of the voyage.

Corrected entry: When Hornblower, after escaping from the French, arrives in Portsmouth to be interviewed by the Admiral, he goes aboard the flagship. No captain, in wartime, would have the sails removed from his ship, yet the flagship's spars are bare.

Correction: Portsmouth is a British Naval base, and as such is a protected environment in which ships can do routine maintenance, such as replacing sails. It would be the most likely place to see a British sailing warship to have bare spars.

Corrected entry: When British ship Sutherland attacks 4 French ships in a Spanish harbour, the first lt. (Mr Bush) is injured in the left leg. Later when they are being transported to Paris for trial, his right leg is injured.

Correction: I am looking at the film as I type, and from the moment the wood is lifted off Mr Bush it is his right leg which is injured and remains as the injured leg.

Factual error: As the Natividad appears, the lookout signals "ship's royals horizon, southeast" by using a shuttered lantern and morse code.unfortunately, neither the lantern nor the code had been invented in 1807. Flag hoists during the day, and rockets and flares at night were the methods of signaling at that time.

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Surgeon Gundarson: You'll lose more than Hazlett if you don't put ashore for fresh food and water.
Capt. Horatio Hornblower, R.N: Perhaps you'll dig into your medical kit and get me a breath of fresh wind.

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