The Adventures of Robin Hood

Factual error: At the archery contest, the range officer commands the archers to send arrows to the target with the command "Fire." This command did not come into use until the introduction of firearms - matchlocks - late in the 14th century. The command should have been "Loose", or the Middle English equivalent.

Factual error: When the golden arrow is being presented for the archery contest, modern structures (houses) can be seen on the bluff. (00:50:47)

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Continuity mistake: During the first fight scene in the castle, the fourth guard to die charges through the castle door and is killed by Robin Hood. The shot cuts and the guard is immediately followed by Sir Guy, but in between those two shots an arrow suddenly appears in the door which wasn't there before.

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Trivia: The archery coach for the film was the famous master bowman Howard Hill (he successfully hunted an elephant with a longbow). He also performed the "trick" shots, and appears in the movie as the black-bearded archer Robin defeats in the "finals" of the archery contest.

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