The Adventures of Robin Hood

Corrected entry: In the Archery Tournament scene, the second archer in Sir Guys team of three is introduced by the herald as Elwyn the Welshman. When they compete as individuals and he is eliminated, another herald refers to him as Owen the Welshman.

Correction: Not sure how you came up with this one. He is introduced as "Elwyn" both times, with the "L" distinctly audible. In addition, the DVD subtitles also give his name as Elwyn. There is no mistake here.

Corrected entry: Robin and Little John using staves fight over who has right of way on a log over a stream. Little John wins by knocking Robin into the water. When they get to the bank, Robin is holding his head complaining about how it feels after it got hit. This never occured. Just before he went into the water Little John hit him on his foot or toe and as Robin bent over Little John thumped him across the back.

Correction: And he couldn't have hit his head as he fell into the shallow stream?

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie when Sir Guy is berating Mutch the miller for killing the deer there is a soldier sitting on his horse directly behind him. The next shot he's standing behind him, then back on the horse and finally standing behind him again.

Correction: Dickon Malbete was standing next to Much-the-Miller's-Son. The man on horseback has a goatee, and the man who is claimed to be the blooper does not. It is just camera angles.

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Revealing mistake: In the big fight scene at the end, there is a close-up shot of a guard (Sir Mortimer) getting stabbed square in the chest. When the sword is withdrawn, there is obviously no hole in his tunic.

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Trivia: The archery coach for the film was the famous master bowman Howard Hill (he successfully hunted an elephant with a longbow). He also performed the "trick" shots, and appears in the movie as the black-bearded archer Robin defeats in the "finals" of the archery contest.

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