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Alive is a airplane disaster and survival drama set in Andes and based upon the true and harrowing experiences of the Uruguay Rugby team and others involved in the tragic crash. Much of the story is about the efforts of those stranded who lived through the initial event to remain living despite the extreme cold, dangerous terrain (including avalanche), lack of proper shelter, food, diversions, etc. for months until rescue. During that time and in desperation, some of the survivors resorted to cannibalizing the dead among them. The film tries to show that the choices made were in context to the dire situation and tried not to sensationalize or make light of the act, but asks the audience to question how far they might be willing to go to live through what the characters did.

Erik M.

Factual error: Most of the time the boys have no visible breaths, even though they're in a freezing climate.

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Roberto Canessa: We're gonna die, you know.
Nando: Maybe. But if we die, we're gonna die walking.

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Trivia: The Fairchild crashed on Friday the 13th of October.

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Question: What does Cannessa mean when he says "I had no premonition. So much for ESP,"?

Answer: ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, the ability to see into the future or predict it in the form of a premonition. He means that whatever happened, he literally didn't see it coming.

David Mercier
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