Battlefield Earth

Easter egg: Go to the "languages" menu. Highlight any language you want and hit right once to see a symbol appear on the space ships. There will be a short clip of a man doing a stunt.

Easter egg: Go to the second page of the "special features" menu. Enter the "cast and crew" menu. Once here, highlight any person and hit right to make a symbol appear on the picture of the city. This is a short clip of men doing stunts.

Easter egg: Go to the second page of the "special features" menu. Once there, highlight any one of the special features and press right to make a symbol appear on the pyramid. There will be about a ten second clip of behind the scenes footage.

Easter egg: Go to the first page of the "special features" menu. Once there, highlight any one of the special features on the page and press right once to see a short clip of how the filmming crew put on make-up.

Plot hole: The facilities at Ft. Hood have working electricity to power the simulators, projectors, etc. even though it's been 1000 years, with no logical reason for the Psychlos to have kept the facility maintained, and the fact that the Psychlos should by rights have leveled the place when they invaded 1000 years before. Even automatic backup generators would have no fuel after 1000 years dormancy except for a nuclear system, which would still have required regular maintenance over a 1000 year interval to maintain automatic functionality.

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Chrissy: What if he's not dead?
Parson Staffer: Hope is an admirable quality, but foolish isn't.

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Trivia: John Travolta made the film with Franchise Pictures. A few years after the film, it was revealed in a court case that Franchise had fraudulently overstated the budget of Battlefield Earth by $21 million to scam investors. After losing the case, Franchise filed for bankruptcy, and Travolta fired his manager, who set up the deal with Franchise in the first place.

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Chosen answer: They teleported a gas drone into Earth's atmosphere. The drone flew around the entire world and dropped poison gas which killed Earth's population.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: I believe that send an entire fleet of their mini-ships to earth by teleporting them (catching them off guard) and after settling on earth in the aftermath built a teleported on earth to survey the planet of its resources (unfortunately they couldn't find the gold which extremely valuable to them which was in Fort Knox, vaults and the Federal Reserve) and find an intelligent species to enslave to mine it.

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