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Corrected entry: In the opening scene, when Sabrina's voice-over introduces us to the family set-up, she states that a Rolls-Royce had been purchased. The camera then settles on a Bentley (probably a 1994 mulsanne model) which then features prominently throughout the film.

Correction: The Rolls is in the first bay of the garage.

Corrected entry: When Harrison Ford shoots at the T.V. in his office, he is shown holding a revolver. However, you can clearly hear ejected shell casings hitting the ground. There would be no ejected casings from a revolver.

Correction: That was a pellet gun in the form of a revolver. The ricochets were not shell casings. They were the pellets bouncing around.

Corrected entry: It makes a nice happy ending to the movie that Sabrina's dad invested in stocks based on information he was told or heard as driver to the family and became rich. However, he almost certainly committed securities fraud by trading on inside information. I wonder if the director shot an alternative ending with him being hauled of to prison in chains?

Correction: People do commit crimes every day, including insider trading. Insider trading is never an easy case to prove. And they don't haul people away to prison in chains, especially for a non-violent "white collar" federal crime like that.


Continuity mistake: When Linus keeps David's appointment with Sabrina in the solarium - David had two champagne flutes in his back pockets and he sat down. He pours her a glass of champagne, and it is half-filled with froth, but when Sabrina takes the glass, all the froth is gone and the glass is nearly full.


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Sabrina: More isn't always better, Linus. Sometimes it's just more.

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