Continuity mistake: When Pinocchio starts singing "I've Got No Strings" at Stromboli's Stage Show, he is standing between some strings, which were not there in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: While Pinocchio is chatting with Stromboli, the feather that is normally on his left side of the hat, is on his right side in several shots. After that, it's back on his left side.

Continuity mistake: When Pinocchio is given his book for the first time, you can tell there are no letters on it. Later, when Honest John looks at it, the letters ABC have appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Jiminy runs into the pool room and finds Pinocchio changing into a donkey, there is a small pot next to the door. When they both run out of the room, the pot is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Pinocchio takes a big puff of his cigar, the label is smoked off, but a few moments later the label is back on the cigar.

Continuity mistake: When Jimminy falls down the pool hole, there is a card at the edge of the table. When he comes back up, the card has been replaced by a die.

Continuity mistake: The stones Cleo pushes up in her bowl while inside Monstro's stomach disappear in later shots.

Continuity mistake: When Pinocchio's nose has grown so long that there is a nest at the end, he shakes it and the laves fall off of all but one branch. But a couple seconds later, there are leaves on two of the branches.

Audio problem: When Honest John tells Gideon to take notes, Gideon throws his stick aside, but there is no sound of it hitting the ground.

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The Blue Fairy: Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.

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Trivia: The film was a major commercial failure because it was released during the Second World War and very few people were going to the cinema.

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