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The Gauntlet (1977)

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Corrected entry: Just after the rented car blows up Gus Mally tells Ben Shockley to drive 6 blocks, take a left. He actually takes a right. (00:20:30)

Correction: What she really says is "drive 6 blocks, hang a left, second house on the right". The next shot shows them turning into the driveway of the house which is on the right.


Corrected entry: I don't know about Clint's world, but in the one I enjoy, the Nevada/Arizona border south of Las Vegas is 500 feet south of the Colorado River, and is not some lonely two lane road out in the desert.

Correction: US-95 runs out of Las Vegas to the south through Clark County.Then you head east on Rt. 163 to the Arizona border. There is plenty of lonely desert you drive through on both those roads. US-95 is about 15-20 miles west of the Colorado River, although you do cross over it on Rt. 163.


Continuity mistake: The tyres on the bus don't blow until the firing has stopped and the bus comes to a stop.

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Constable: Them fellers up there are gonna wonder why you bailed out. And I'm gonna tell 'em. You chose sides. Got yourself a little nookie and chose sides.

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Trivia: Before Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke, Steve McQueen and Barbra Streisand were cast as Ben and Gus, but the two of them didn't get on during filming. Eastwood took over the production after McQueen backed out.

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