Timecop (1994)

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Factual error: We're told they carbon dated the gold to determine its age. Problem is, the gold hasn't aged by the normal processs - as it's been brought forward in time it will appear to be extremely new. As such carbon dating wouldn't work. Also, carbon dating only works on things that were alive and absorbed carbon-14; gold, having never been alive, could not be dated this way.

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Jon Sandys Premium member

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie, while showing Walker's partner Atwood comparing the October 30, 1929 paper with the October 30, 2004 USA Today, Atwood circles Mid States Oil. The problem with this is the fact that October 30, 2004 falls on a Saturday, and USA Today does not print a Saturday paper. Instead, on Friday, it publishes a paper for the entire weekend, and it states Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on it.

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Suggested correction: While in 1994 when the movie was made USA Today did not publish on Saturdays, it is entirely reasonable that in their future timeline, by 2004 USA Today would begin publishing a Saturday edition, so could have become possible. As such this isn't a mistake, just creative license with a possible future that we now know didn't come to be.


Other mistake: When the man is in front of the Senate committee asking for appropriations for the Time Enforcement Commission, he states that you can not go into the future as it has not happened yet. During the scene with Atwood scanning the USA Today, the date on the paper is October 30, 2004. So, one could assume that this is the current date. Later on in the movie, there is a news report on the television with the woman stating that McComb's campaign might be denied federal campaign matching funds, and that McComb might have to withdraw from the race. Now, being that the election is only three days away on November 2, 2004, it would be a little too late to withdraw from the race, not to mention the lateness in the determination if he is eligible for federal campaign matching funds.

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Factual error: As Walker and Atwood are falling from the building in 1929 New York City, the reflection of Vancouver's Harbor Centre is visible in windows. Furthermore, the Harbor Centre was completed in 1977, so this is a double goof.



Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, when Van Damme goes and arrests his former partner, watch when they both jump out the window. It is clear that they are on a cable decelerator. They fall straight down and in a controlled and slightly slowed motion. Very noticeable.

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Factual error: In 1929 New York, the license plates on the cars are wrong. In 1929 they used an A1-234 pattern and these are 123-456 patterns. 1921 used the 123-456 pattern, but they were white on black plates, not the black on yellow we see.

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