Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Corrected entry: When Harley gets to town, the first thing he does is visit his friend, Marlboro. However, there are dozens of biker bars, not to mention hundreds of pool halls all over Burbank, after being gone for two years, how would Robert (Harley) have a clue where is buddy was currently hustling?


Correction: Because they have a favorite bar to hang out in. I lived in a city with hundred of bars, and friends and I went to maybe two.


Corrected entry: At the bar shootout, hundreds of rounds are fired. The police would have arrived eventually, either by someone reporting gunfire, or a random patron eventually visiting and noticing the death everywhere. The motorcycles parked in the nearby ally would have been seized and stored as evidence. Yet at the end of the move, Harley shows up, somehow reacquiring his motorcycle. Even if he would have went to the police to get his bike, since his prints were all over the bar, he would have been there for days trying to explain his role in the shootout. Not to mention questioned about the death of the airport employee next door.


Correction: Why would the police seize the bikes in the alley when they may have nothing to do with who did the shootout? Their presence is circumstantial at best. Getting fingerprints from a public place like a bar, where thee are likely millions of fingerprints would not be productive, and police probably wouldn't attempt to get fingerprints.


Other mistake: There is a patch on the jacket Harley (Rourke) wears, that appears and disappears throughout the movie. It's on the front lower right side. It is there when he's standing outside their friends' bar with Marlboro, it's gone when they are inside.

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Marlboro: He's gonna take my girl, I'm gonna take his bike.

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