Psycho IV: The Beginning

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Psycho IV: The Beginning is a made-for-Cable-TV sequel to the original Psycho film, wherein Norman now is involved with a psychologist and is a father, but still remains haunted by his desires to kill. He contacts a radio talk show that's discussing matricide to express his conflicted feelings over things he did as a youth and how his twisted decent into violent madness began. While seeing the demented mother alternately seduce and abuse Norman into the twisted maniac he becomes, it's hardly sufficient to elevate the filler tale above being a curiosity. Missing the guidance of Alfred Hitchcock, the story lacks subtleties, is more linear and lacks most surprises. More for die-hard fans of the Psycho franchise and those who just want to see his tragic, awful backstory than anyone else.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where young Norman kills the horny young girl, as he's talking to Mother, she can be seen moving and even blinking her eyes when the camera's at her back, yet at this point in the movie, she's been murdered and placed back in her bed. Clearly the actress missed the memo.


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Mother: Get that whore out of my house.
Young Norman Bates: She's not a whore, mother.
Mother: I said get rid of her. Or do I have to do it myself?
Young Norman Bates: No, Mother. I'll get rid of her.
Mother: Kill her.
Young Norman Bates: Kill her? I can't! No! No, I can't.
Mother: Alright. Alright. Then I'll do it for you.

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