Psycho IV: The Beginning

After relating his life story to the radio host, Norman tells his wife Connie to go to Norman's old house, which is now abandoned. Connie is pregnant, and believing that their son/daughter will also turn out to be insane, Norman intends to kill her. She talks him out of it, however. Norman burns the house down, and the two leave.


Revealing mistake: When young Norman Bates is spying through the peephole on his mother, who has brought home a man to the motel, we see him in the shower. Although the curtain is translucent, we can see he is wearing a black speedo.

Brian Brennan

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Norman: I know that in the cosmic scheme of things, little boys are small, but some days they can be... some days little boys can be giants.

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Question: Given Connie's a psychologist and knows Norman's state of mind, why would she marry him and also trick him into getting her pregnant?


Answer: Norman is mentally stable in this film. Connie and Norman fell in love during his institutionalization. After being deemed sane and released, they were married. Norman is afraid to have children because he doesn't want to pass on his psychosis. Connie believes that with proper care, their child won't end up like Norman, and plans to become pregnant.

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