Holiday in the Sun

Continuity mistake: When the girls go to the first party and Scott comes up to Madison to ask her to dance notice that he is visible before - he is bent over right behind Madison and Alex and then just straightens up to talk to them.

Continuity mistake: The first time they are in the hotel, you hear them say that they are staying in the Bahamas for 5 days. But, I counted the days and nights, and they stay for at least 6 or 7.

Continuity mistake: While Griffin, Alex, and Madison are looking for evidence to get Jordan out of jail, the color of Griffin's shirt keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: When Jordan is asking Champlaine to let him and his friends go on the water scooter he has shoes on at the beginning, but in the next shot, after a close up of Alex, the shoes are gone.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the party, when Brianna comes up to Alex and Landon, Ashley's hair is perfectly straight, covering her ears. Between shots, her hair keeps switching between tucked behind her ears, messier, and then perfectly straight again a couple time all within a few seconds. (00:15:35 - 00:16:20)

Continuity mistake: When the girls arrive on the plane in Chicago and see their dad, it is snowing, but when they take off, it is sunny, and there is no snow on the ground.

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