Brain Donors

Continuity mistake: When Jacques attaches the bungee cord from the cocktail cart to Lazlo's pants, Lazlo takes a step forward and the cocktail cart snaps after him causing a terrible ruckus, however the bottles on the cart mysteriously empty before the collision, and none of them move. They are obviously glued to the cart.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in Lilian's town house, when Laslow is searching Lilian's room looking for Tina, Flakfizer intentionally sneezes into talc powder. Barring the cheesy effect of it flying all over the place, his arm (and body) alternate between being covered in powder and being clean. He ends the scene being clean.

Michael Westpy

Continuity mistake: When Flakfizer and Rocco are trading parts of the "contract", it is quite obvious they used different pieces of paper for different takes. When the paper is first torn in half, it is torn very neatly down the center. When they "divide Jaque's salary" you can see that the halves they each have are not neat down the center.

Michael Westpy

Continuity mistake: In the few beginning scenes, when Jacques is bungee jumping out of the window to pick new flowers, if you watch closely enough, you can tell that two of the shots were filmed backwards.

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