Major League: Back to the Minors
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Hog Ellis: Hold it right there! This here is a hundred mile hour fast ball. One of the best pitches known to man today. If it were to hit you, it would've knocked your head clean off. I can always miss, but I've been playing pretty good today, so you gotta ask yourself one question.
Carlos Liston: Do I feel lucky?
Hog Ellis: Well, do you Carlos?

Doc: Skip, can I talk to you?
Gus Cantrell: Sure, whats up Doc?

Frank 'Pops' Morgan: I'll tell you what, Rube. Playing a big league team, big league park, made the whole 20 years worthwhile.
Rube Baker: It's a beautiful thing.

Carlos Liston: Tell that son of a bitch to throw me his fastball.
Rube Baker: That was his fastball.

Doc: Do you have nicoise?
Diner Cook: I told you. We have ranch, Italian, and chunky bleu cheese, which is 50 cents extra.
Doc: Do you have any balsamic vinegar?
Diner Cook: I got ranch, Italian, chunky bleu cheese.
Doc: How about a gun so I can shoot myself in the head?

Gus Cantrell: You bring Downtown up too early, you might have to send him back down, and that could really hurt the kid.

Harry Doyle: Lance the Dance scores on what appears to be a triple axle thrown in with a salchow.
Boll Weevils Announcer: What's he doing, is that a curtsey?
Harry Doyle: Lance the Dance is entertaining the crowd. He is blowing kisses and curtseying. This must go back to his days as a balladeer.
Boll Weevils Announcer: Oh, he was a singer?
Harry Doyle: Dancer.
Boll Weevils Announcer: Oh.

Harry Doyle: The brothers Lopez steal second and third. Either somebody got their signals crossed or this is starting to look like a baseball team.

Gus Cantrell: So Pops, I was wondering, did you ever make it to the show?
Frank 'Pops' Morgan: Came close, once. It was with the Red Sox organization.
Gus Cantrell: Yeah?
Frank 'Pops' Morgan: It was October. A player got sick. So I got the call. I was on the plane and a freak snow storm hit. We couldn't land. Two days later: the weather is fine, so is the player.
Gus Cantrell: That stinks.
Frank 'Pops' Morgan: 20 years in the minors, I circled the show, couldn't land.

Other mistake: When Downtown is in the manager's office receiving his punishment (being benched), as he leaves he slams the door on the cinderblock wall. If you look closely, you can see the cinderblock wall sway. (00:26:34)

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Trivia: Juan Lopez #1 and Juan Lopez #2, while twins in the film, were actually played by identical triplets. Juan Lopez #1 was played by both Tim and Tom DiFilippo while Juan Lopez #2 was played by Ted DiFilippo.

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