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Corrected entry: In the scene where Nyssa and Reinhardt are fighting the Reapers after Blade has detonated the UV bomb; Nyssa takes a deep breath before diving under the water, yet vampires don't breathe. (01:18:29)

Correction: The Blade movies deal with vampires being a scientific phenomena, not mythical. It is never stipulated that vampires don't breath in the Blade movies.

Sol Parker

Vampires as depicted in the film are immortal and it is stated that only a few specific things (sunlight, silver garlic) can kill them. It could be argued that, being immortal, they therefore do not "need" to breathe. That said, you could also argue that since they feel pain (albeit it with a very high pain tolerance outside of the above things), it could be very uncomfortable for them to be held underwater and not be able to breath, so they create the same habit as regular humans (taking a breath before diving).


Then again, on the other hand, Nyssa like many vampires was born as one and should never have developed human traits.


Since the movie never states that vampires don't breathe at all, this really can not be considered a mistake.


It's also quite possible that pureblood vampires learn to breathe in order to attempt to seem human in order to fit in.


Correction: It sounded more like a gasp-out of shock-rather than her holding her breath; just look at Dylan in Charlie's Angels when she got shot. Plus, it could be possible that her mouth is closed when she goes underwater.

Corrected entry: When Blade is fighting the masked Nyssa at his base of operations near the beginning of the film, towards the end of the fight, there are two shots that are created entirely with laughably bad CGI. The "characters" move WAY too fast, have unnatural "bendy" movements, and defy the laws of physics a few times, making them completely unbelievable. (The exceedingly low-quality of these shots is even joked about in the audio commentary). (00:22:00)

Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected. Bad CGI is not a mistake. Also, Blade and Nyssa are vampires with supernatural abilities, so the fact that they move way too fast or defy the laws of physics is irrelevant.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where they first encounter the reapers in the rave (right after when Reinhardt is shooting the reaper with the shotgun) Snowman is confronted by a reaper wearing sunglasses. The camera goes back to Snowman then back to the reaper who now does not have the sunglasses. (00:45:35)

Correction: The Reaper has just enough time to quickly take off his sunglasses before the camera cuts back to him.

Corrected entry: Nyssa describes vampirism as an arbovirus where vampires are the vector. However the definition of an arbovirus is as an arthropod-bourne virus - arthropods are invertebrates with exoskeletons(insects). Not vampires.

Correction: Yes, that's why the distinction was made that vampires are the vector rather than insects. She was comparing vampirism to an arbovirus since that was, as far as she knew, the closest thing to it.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Blade is in the tunnel and he kicks the bomb case, look at the timer on the bomb and it says 6 and a half seconds. From when the shot goes from Blade back to him a couple of shots later, its a lot more than 6 and a half seconds. (01:14:40)


Correction: First, the movie isn't in real time, so the fight of Nyssa and Reinhard can be at the same time as Blade is trying to set off the bomb. Second, the bomb isn't working how it is supposed to, so the 6 seconds can easily take longer when if the bomb was stuck again.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Blade catches one of the vampires and asks him where they took him, the helmet that the vampire is wearing already has a crack in it, so it's a lot easier to break. (00:08:05)


Correction: How is this a mistake? The vampire was just in a motorcycle accident and was thrown several meters. It's perfectly reasonable his helmet would be damaged.

Corrected entry: Blade had his blood drained in the first and the second movie. He also used a fresh source of blood to get well again.

Correction: Too obvious to be considered trivia; it is plain for everyone who has seen the movies.


Corrected entry: The battle in the warehouse between Blade and the two ninjas has to be one of the worst uses of CGI ever. The animated characters are easily recognizable due to their poor textures, and also have a blurry line around them.

Correction: There are no "blurry lines" around the characters, and there is no mistake in using computer graphics. By the rational of this mistake, every shot that was enhanced with CGI is automatically a mistake.

Corrected entry: When the vampires and Blade are standing outside the club full of vampires, the lightning strikes and you can see scaffolding behind them up high.

Correction: There is no indication that this scaffolding has anything to do with the production of the movie. There is no shot in that scene that would require scaffolding in that particular position and since there is always construction going on in big cities scaffolding isn't exactly a rare sight.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Blade meets the bloodpack for the first time, and is telling Nyssa they should go to safehouses, you see in the background that Priest(the long haired one) is wearing dark shades. The camera cuts off him, but when it goes back to him, you can see that he is now suddenly wearing clear glasses. (00:33:00)

Correction: He isn't suddenly wearing clear glasses; he's wearing no glasses at all. He could easily have removed them in the time he's off camera.


Corrected entry: When the red-head from the Bloodpack is being chased by a reaper, she runs up a ladder to get outside, but when she opens the hatch, she is killed by the sun. Later, when Blade takes Nyssa out side to die, the sun is just coming up.

Correction: It's a different day.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when Blade carries Nyssa outside to see the sun she breaks up and dissolves slowly and serenely while at other points with Priest and Vurlines death the sunlight causes a rapid explosion.

Correction: Nyssa was still a vampire when she was carried to see the sun, not a reaper.

Corrected entry: How come the vampires only use those cool ninja suits when they go to Blade's place? They seem to make the vampires more agile and they protected them from the light, so why not use them when they fight the reapers? (00:19:50)

Correction: When Blade and his team went into the rave place the other vampires would have seen the ninja suits and would have suspected something was up. This would have caused panic, which would have let the Reapers know they were on to them and would have allowed time to escape.

Corrected entry: The vampires know that the reapers can't be killed by guns so it is unlikely that they should go into the sewers armed with guns and spend their time checking the guns before the fight.

Correction: They know the guns will not kill them, but it will slow them down if they shoot in the head or something. Blade did it when he was surrounded by them in order to give him time to set off the bomb.

T Poston

Corrected entry: In one scene Whistler has a thermal scope on a rifle and looks at Blade walking with a group of vampires. Blade is red (warm) and the other vampires are blue (cool). Later Whistler is walking in the tunnels with two vampires from the earlier group that were blue in the scope. They give him a night vision headset so he can "see in the dark". When he looks at the vampires with the night vision they are both red (warm). (00:35:43)

Correction: The device that they give Whistler is a set of 'Bi-Focals', and are different from standard Thermal Goggles. The Bi-Focals, as the name suggests, allow the user to see in two spectrums. Organisms that produce body heat or other natural thermal heat source, even at such a low temperature as a vampire (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit), would emit a red/yellow glow, where the surrounding environment would by blackened or blued out. The Reapers, as suggested by earlier scenes in the movie, have much higher temperatures than vampires, and they appeared as the same color on the bi-focals as the vampires did. The scene earlier in the film, where Whistler was backing up Blade and the Bloodpack was use of thermals, but the sewer scene was different.


Corrected entry: The way Blade kills Reinhardt is very similar to how he kills Quinn in the first movie, the whole way through it is played up and then at the end, Blade kills them both with a single swish of his sword.

Sol Parker

Correction: In the first movie Blade doesn't have his sword when he kills Quinn. He uses a garrote pulled from his pants and slices Quinn's head off, as he does to the vampire on the motorbike at the start of this film.

Corrected entry: After Blade and Whistler are taken prisoner by the vampires toward the end of the movie, Blade wakes up, feels around on his person for weapons, and Whistler tells him that they took all their weapons. Then, when Scud is holding the bomb that Blade had attached to the back of Reinhardt's head, Blade pulls out a detonator, and blows Scud up. So where did Blade hide this thing? How did the vampires miss it when they removed all his weapons? (01:22:51)

Correction: Scud probably told them what he told Blade: that the bomb was a dud and that they needn't treat it as a threat. They let Blade keep the detonator so he'd be fooled into thinking he still had an ace up his sleeve, unaware that he'd replaced the fake bomb with a real one.

Corrected entry: When Nomak is admitted to the inner part of the blood bank in the first scene of the movie, the female tells him they found that his blood has a very rare phenotype. They strap him down, intending to take all his blood, and are apparently shocked when he turns out to be a vampire. But when Dr. Jenson examined Quinn's blood in the beginning of the first movie, she saw that his blood was highly unusual, in that it had biconvex red blood cells. While Reaper blood cells may not be identical to those of conventional vamps, if these guys examined Nomak's blood, they should've at least seen immediately that he wasn't human.

Correction: While they might have suspected he's not human, they would still not be afraid of him and thus have acted no differently. They wouldn't have imagined he could have been a creature more powerful than they were.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, after Whistler is rescued, he says something to the effect of "they could've at least fixed my leg." If Whistler were a vampire for more at least two years as the plot indicates and been left to heal in a vat of blood, his leg would've already healed, due to the regenerative capabilities of vampires.

Correction: An injury that has healed, but left a scar (such as Frost's in the first movie) or a limp (as in Whistler's) wouldn't be "healed" since technically it already is healed.

Corrected entry: When Whistler first meets Scud, Scud walks away then starts to watch a little TV, and in one shot his hand is not on the TV, but in the following shot his hand is on the TV. (00:17:30)


Correction: Actually if you to the top right of the TV, you could see some cloth which is probably his long sleeve over his right hand which is on top of the TV.

Continuity mistake: Just after Scud gets blown up, Reinhardt's face has no blood on it. Yet when he walks out of the room with Whistler, his face is covered in blood.


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Blade: You're human.
Kounen: Barely. I'm a lawyer.

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Trivia: At the end of the film, Rush is killed by Blade, who is hiding behind the curtain at a peep-show booth. In the 1996 film "The Crow: City of Angels", the lead character Ashe surprises a villain in the same manner. Both films were written by David S. Goyer. Goyer had disowned "The Crow: City of Angels" however, due to studio-enforced edits, and decided to re-use the scene in this film.

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Question: If Blade knew the bomb on the back of Reinhardt's head wasn't actually a dud like Scud believed it to be, why didn't he detonate it and kill Reinhardt instead of using it to kill Scud? Surely Reinhardt is a bigger threat than Scud. Blade could kill Scud with his bare hands if he wanted to.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: Killing Scud with it probably was more satisfying for Blade than Reinhardt, who he easily beat as well. He hates familiars and that moment he used the bomb to have Scud reveal his betrayal, and then kill him, so he won't get away. Reinhardt he knew would not try to run, he was killing him anyway.


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