The Getaway

Doc McCoy (McQueen) has been sprung out of prison by the head political boss in the area. What he doesn't know is that his wife Carol (MacGraw) had to make some close promises to get him out. And in return, Doc must commit a robbery with two untrustworthy goons. Things get out of hand, and Doc and Carol must escape to Mexico with the money.

Jezzy T

Continuity mistake: When Alec Baldwin is being shaved by Kim Basinger, towards the end of the scene the right side of his face is mostly shaved, clear of shaving foam - we cut away, cut back, and now there's only one clear strip which has been shaved, with the rest still foam-covered.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Carol: Oh, I guess we should stop, 'cause Harold has to pee.
Rudy Travis: Get back in the front. Get back up there with Harold! Get up there.
Harold Carvey, DVM: I don't want to play... this game... anymore.
Rudy Travis: You pee in your pants.

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