Showtime (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Robert De Niro is standing with his captain is purchasing something in the vending machine. It gets stuck, De Niro hits the machine, and we see a close uo of a Big kit Kat falling. But when his captain goes to pick up his candy bar, it becomes a twizzler.

Correction: The candy is always Kit Kat. Never Twizzler. Watched today and stopped the film, it is a Kit Kat.


Corrected entry: When Eddie Murphy is showing off the Corvette to Robert De Niro in the parking area, he slides across the hood. De Niro points out that his holster scratched the hood. But Murphy slides on his right hip while his holster is on his left hip.

Correction: The holster is on the right hip. You can see it many times later, especially when they came into the department and see their new workspace and when Eddie Murphy says "Showtime" in the new work space the first time.


Corrected entry: When Rene Russo goes to look for Robert DeNiro in the restaurant. THe establishment's door has a sign with an "A" rating. Later on in the same scene, as she exits the restaurant, the door has a "C" rating.

Correction: It could have been done intentionally as a side joke, since she went in willing to eat and came out totally digusted.




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At the beginning of the movie, Eddie Murphy's character is trying out for the cop show. While arguing with the man trying out as chief, Eddie Murphy slams his hands on the table. When he does this, and throughout the scene, his gun holster and shoulder straps are clearly visible. But after he slams his hands down, and the camera cuts to the directors of the show and then back to Eddie, the holster is gone. The camera then cuts back to the directors and then to Eddie a second time, and the holster is back.