The Crimson Pirate

Revealing mistake: In the scene just before the final fight scene, when Burt Lancaster is in the balloon and is approaching his 18th century sailing ship, the scene gradually changes to a view of the side of the ship. Just then and for a few seconds you can see a white cruise ship on the horizon in the background, just above the deck and to the left of the forward mast.

Revealing mistake: In the last scene with the balloon approaching the ship, one of the trailing lines from the balloon arcs upwards and off screen left instead of trailing straight down. Most likely the balloon was on a crane and the line is a guide line. (01:33:00)

Other mistake: An antenna can be seen on the building above the grain warehouse.

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Vallo: Why did you bolt your cabin door last night?
Consuelo: If you knew it was bolted you must have tried it. If you tried it, you know why it was bolted.

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