The Crimson Pirate
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Vallo: Why did you bolt your cabin door last night?
Consuelo: If you knew it was bolted you must have tried it. If you tried it, you know why it was bolted.

Humble Bellows: Meantime, we got regular pirate business to settle. We got the plank, the culprit and the verdict. All we need's a trial, an execution and a sentence.
Slimy: He's guilty.
Humble Bellows: So much for the trial. Now for execution.

Baron Jose Gruda: You may be over-confident, Captain Vallo. There are 200 of the King's marines aboard this vessel.
Vallo: And only 20 pirates. That puts the odds slightly in my favour. Better surrender the ship.

Vallo: You've sold me Humble Bellows - and to a king's flunky.
Humble Bellows: Aye. 'Tis my modest opinion that no man can fly pirate colors who's not willing to sell his friend, his sweetheart, or his mother.
Baron Jose Gruda: Well spoken, Mr. Bellows.
Vallo: Foul spoken it is, Humble Bellows. You've turned your hand against your captain's back. Yellow was never a pirate's colour.
Slimy: Nor rescuing a fair maiden a pirate caper.

Vallo: Gather round, lads and lasses, gather round.

Humble Bellows: Be that bit of fluff El Libre?
Vallo: That's the bit of fluff that's taking us to him.

Rebel: You killed Baron Gruda?
Vallo: If I did a thing like that, you wouldn't need the guns I want to sell you. I'm a pirate, mate, not a dog killer.

Other mistake: An antenna can be seen on the building above the grain warehouse.

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