The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Corrected entry: During the song "For a Moment" Ariel revisits her treasure cave. All of her stuff has returned, despite it being destroyed when she was a teenager by her father. As she was unable to return to the sea until now because of Morgana, she couldn't have restocked it.

Correction: As a doting father who misses his daughter, it was Triton who restored everything.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ariel is calling for Melody (after the florist has just dropped a flower), she turns to Carlotta but Carlotta has already been stood there about 3 seconds before Ariel wants to talk to her. It was as if Carlotta knew she was going to talk to her even though she would have no way of knowing.

Correction: Ariel's lived in the palace now for 12 years, so Carlotta has gotten to know her better. So Carlotta would probably know when something was wrong with Ariel.

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Morgana freezes up after King Triton's blast, notice that she keeps on changing positions inside the ice. In one shot, she has her eyes and mouth closed, in a later shot, her eyes and mouth are open.

Correction: This was done to show that she's doomed to remain conscious, though frozen, forever.

Corrected entry: Everyone keeps calling Melody a teenager. Though 12 years old isn't really a teenager, but a preteen.

Correction: Nobody even said 'teenager' back then. King Triton said it in the first movie, so it might be a mermaid term. Also, we have no idea how they keep track of time when they can't usually see the sun.

Continuity mistake: When Melody is in her room getting ready for her party, at one shot her hair is down. In the next shot of her, it's in a ponytail, and in the next it's down again.

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Melody: Do I have to do this? Everybody thinks I'm weird.

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Question: Do the other children at Melody's birthday party know she's a mermaid? They must do if the snotty boys and girl joined Melody and all the other mermaids in the end.

Answer: Melody was only a mermaid for a short amount of time and they never saw her that way. By the end of the movie when she used the Trident to take the walls down, she was in normal human form, and so was her mother. The fact that other mermaids were around might have been a shock, but Melody could've just explained that off-screen. Either way, she was still kind enough to let them join.

Answer: Either possibility is true. They may not have known she was, which is why it was never said among them before, or they did and didn't say anything.

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