The Manchurian Candidate

Corrected entry: Released in 1962, the film was put on the shelf after its initial run because its plot reminded people a little too much of the Kennedy assassination the year later. It wasn't available again until it was released for home video in 1988.

Correction: This story has been refuted as a complete fabrication. There are various theories as to why this rumor was started, but it is a rumor nonetheless.

Corrected entry: When Frank Sinatra walks into his apartment carrying a copy of the New York Post, the headlines are visible on the screen. The main headline is about the death of Senator Jordan and Jocie; it takes up most of the front page, and this is obviously what the audience is meant to read. However, above the words "New York Post" there is another headline - "VIOLENT HURRICANE HITS MIDWEST: 20 DEAD, HUNDREDS HOMELESS." Curious considering a hurricane hitting the Midwest is about as likely as one hitting Siberia.

Correction: Such a headline, which actually said SWEEPS not HITS, is plausible if one looks at the history of hurricanes such as Audrey or Camille. Or even this 1998 headline: "Upper Midwest hit by hurricane-force storm: 5 dead; hundreds of thousands without power" ( And there is a Midwest Hurricane Center in St. Louis, MO.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cap. Marco has his dream, in the shots of him asleep before it fades to the dream you can see him open his eyes twice.

Correction: Not a mistake. He's supposed to be in REM state and his eyelids flutter open a couple of times. This was a way of depicting the fitful sleep Marco was experiencing night after night.