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Corrected entry: Released in 1962, the film was put on the shelf after its initial run because its plot reminded people a little too much of the Kennedy assassination the year later. It wasn't available again until it was released for home video in 1988.

Correction: This story has been refuted as a complete fabrication. There are various theories as to why this rumor was started, but it is a rumor nonetheless.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cap. Marco has his dream, in the shots of him asleep before it fades to the dream you can see him open his eyes twice.

Correction: Not a mistake. He's supposed to be in REM state and his eyelids flutter open a couple of times. This was a way of depicting the fitful sleep Marco was experiencing night after night.

Corrected entry: When Frank Sinatra walks into his apartment carrying a copy of the New York Post, the headlines are visible on the screen. The main headline is about the death of Senator Jordan and Jocie; it takes up most of the front page, and this is obviously what the audience is meant to read. However, above the words "New York Post" there is another headline - "VIOLENT HURRICANE HITS MIDWEST: 20 DEAD, HUNDREDS HOMELESS." Curious considering a hurricane hitting the Midwest is about as likely as one hitting Siberia.

Correction: Such a headline, which actually said SWEEPS not HITS, is plausible if one looks at the history of hurricanes such as Audrey or Camille. Or even this 1998 headline: "Upper Midwest hit by hurricane-force storm: 5 dead; hundreds of thousands without power" ( And there is a Midwest Hurricane Center in St. Louis, MO.

Factual error: Raymond is equipped with what is described as a high-power Soviet sniper rifle. However, the rifle he uses is actually a Japanese carbine.

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Chunjin: I need job.
Raymond Shaw: Job?
Chunjin: Yes Sir, Mr. Shaw.
Raymond Shaw: But my dear fellow, we don't need interpreters here. We all speak the same language.

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Question: The whole plot of this movie makes no sense. What was the purpose of having all the soldiers "brainwashed' when they just used one to carry out what they wanted? Plus, why go to the trouble of doing all this when they could have just hired an assassin? Plus, how did they know, in 1952, that this man would be chosen to be the Vice-President?


Answer: The entire platoon was brainwashed because they were to act as witnesses and verify the fabricated story that Raymond was a "war hero." Raymond was unknowingly (by him) selected to become a sleeper agent within the U.S. government, mentally programmed to be used when needed by the Russians or Chinese. Raymond's monstrous mother, Eleanor Iselin, was married to a ruthless and ambitious U.S. Senator that she was propelling into being their party's presidential candidate. She had contacted Communists to request an assassin kill her husband's political rival so he would become the party's nominee. However, she was unaware at first that her son would be the assassin. Raymond, having been brainwashed, never realised he was a programmed assassin who would have no memory after executing his assignments. He apparently had been recruited because of his step-father's political connections. It is a rather incredible plot, to say the least.

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