Addams Family Values

Corrected entry: When Debbie comes to be the nanny, obviously it's the beginning of summer as the children go to summer camp and are not in school. While the children are at camp, Fester meets Debbie, marries her and they move away from the family. The children are at still at camp preparing an early Thanksgiving play, meanwhile, Fester and Debbie celebrate their wedding anniversary... We also see the baby's first birthday, and since the baby was already a couple months old when Debbie arrived, it is not possible for Fester and Debbie to have been married an entire year.

Correction: They are celebrating their 3 week anniversary, not a year. That totally fits in the timeline.


Corrected entry: When the two Native American children are turning the two camp directors over the open fire, they are turning the handle in the opposite direction the camp directors are turning.

Correction: This simply is not true. They are turned counter-clockwise by the kids. Both the kids and the directors are spinning this way. An optical illusion can let you think they are spinning them the other way around.


Corrected entry: Gomez and Fester are talking about how Fester should get a wife, and Fester says "For years, I've been watching you with Morticia". He can't have been watching them for years - he ran away before Gomez had even met Morticia, and came back just before Morticia told Gomez she was pregnant with Pubert (who is born shortly before this conversation takes place). Now, Pubert was a bit bigger than most babies at birth, but even so, Morticia couldn't have been pregnant for years. Also, Wednesday and Pugsley haven't aged that much, either.


Correction: He is referring from the time he was returned to the Addams family...we do not really know how much time was between movies.


Corrected entry: How can Debbie's hand shoot out of her grave at the end? She was fried to ashes. Even though corpses resurrecting is a possibility in the Addams mythology, ashes reforming into a human body is beyond belief.


Correction: From what Wednesday says it's implied she set up a sensor and animatronic hand to 'scare him to death' - it could be a remnant of the props from the Shakespeare scene in the first movie.


Corrected entry: When Debbie is showing the Addamses the slides before she was going to kill them, she only shows two rich husbands and her parents. Yet earlier, Wednesday's friend shows her and Pugsley some trading cards, and he mentions that Debbie had three rich "husbands," all dead. Yes, there's Fester, but the cards aren't that up to date and he's not dead yet.

Correction: So Debbie doesn't show slides of all the people she has murdered, she does a sort of "Best-of-Debbie" slide show.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film we learn who Debbie is, but the newscaster mentions that she had a different name and disguise each marriage. Yet at the end when the Addamses are in electric chairs, she says that her husbands said, "Sorry, Debbie."

Correction: That was Debbie doing a very dramatic retelling of what happened, to her next victims (The Addams-es). She just wanted to explain to them how her husband's actions made her feel back then - not to tell every little detail the exact way it actually happened. Imagine how the dramatic effect would have gone down the drain if instead, she had said something like: "He said 'Sorry, Roxy.' That was the name I used at the time, by the way." Her main point is that the guy hurt her. What the guy called her wasn't the focus of the story.


Corrected entry: In the close-up shot where Wednesday twists off the doll's head, that is Morticia's hands doing the twisting.

Correction: It is Wednesday twisting off the head of the doll. She wears red nail polish like her mother, but her fingernails are short.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, it's revealed that Debbie marries men, then kills them on her wedding night. But at the end, when she has the Addams family in the electric chairs, her speech suggests she was with each man a significant amount of time.

Correction: She could well have been dating or living with each of the men for a significant amount of time before getting married.


Corrected entry: When Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel are in the Harmony Hut watching Disney films, you see the hut from outside and there's no-one around. The three of them leave the hut and suddenly there is a group of campers waiting at the gate.

Correction: Obviously the campers are not going to wait outside for hours while the trio watches all the movies. More than likely the councelors knew how much time was needed to watch everything, then gathered all the campers at the appropriate time outside the hut to see the results.


Corrected entry: When Joel is showing Wednesday and Pugsley the trading cards, Debbie's card shows her exactly as she looks now. Yet at the beginning of the film, we find she disguised herself and eluded the authorities for years because she is a master of disguise. How could the cards have such a photo?

Correction: Apparently she recycles her disguises.

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Corrected entry: The hand that pops out of the grave to scare Joel at the end is supposedly Thing, but Thing's length stops near to the wrist. There's a lot more arm on the hand that comes up out of the ground.

Correction: No where does it say that it is Thing.

Corrected entry: The hippie Nanny who talks to Pugsley and Wednesday about preventing forest fires is a then unknown Cynthia Nixon, later famous for her role as Miranda in "Sex and the City."

Correction: Pointing out something that can be determined simply by reading the cast list is not trivia-worthy.

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Corrected entry: Although constantly referred to as a 'he', Pubert is in fact played by twin girls.

Correction: This is an extremely common practice in moviemaking - too common to qualify as trivia.

Corrected entry: If Fester can survive being electrocuted in the bathtub in Hawaii practically unharmed, what makes Debbie think that electrocuting him in the chair at the end will do any better?


Correction: They are different amounts of voltage.

Continuity mistake: When Wednesday and Pugsley are playing with the guillotine, Wednesday has a scroll in her hands, which she then rolls up. The shot changes and you can still see the rolled up scroll in her hands. However, the shot then changes again and you can now see Wednesday rolling up the already rolled up scroll.

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Debbie: Isn't he a lady killer?
Gomez Addams: Acquitted.

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Trivia: The man playing Joel Glicker's father is Barry Sonnenfeld, the film's director.

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Question: Why does the boy scream like a maniac when he spots the Michael Jackson poster on the wall?

Carl Missouri

Answer: If memory serves, it's a poster for Heal the World? I think he probably screams because this song was WAY over-played on radio stations at the time! It certainly was in the UK where I am from so I imagine in America it was over-played so much more.

Chosen answer: Not only is it a reference to Jackson's general scary weirdness, but also his alleged pedophilia (child molestation), causing the boy to react in fear.

raywest Premium member

Impossible, the first pedophilia accusations were made just a few months before the movie came out.

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