Trivia: At the dinner ceremony where Spawn attacks Wynn and kills Church, you can see a red-headed woman in a blue gown walking among the patrons in the beginning of the scene. The camera focuses on her briefly, but for a reason - look at her earrings. They are Spawn insignia. This is a reference to the angel Hellspawn hunter Angela, who wears those same insignia in the comics as trophies of her victories over previous Hellspawn. Very clever reference.

Trivia: In the scene where the clown is disguised as Wanda Simmons and Jason Wynn kills her in front of Spawn. After Clown looks like himself again he tell spawn that he hoped that Spawn would have killed Jason and start the apocalypse now and this was said right in front of Jason. Apocalypse now is a movie starring Martin Sheen who played Jason Wynn in Spawn.


Trivia: At the end of the movie there is a shot of two detectives leaving Wanda and Terry's house. They have a distinct resemblance to Sam and Twitch, from the comic books.

Trivia: Michael Jai White stated in an interview that he hates how the film turned out. Allegedly, after a very positive test-screening of the rough cut, the studio happily gave the director complete creative control over the film. The director then decided to make the movie a visual showcase, and edited out much of the character development to add in more action and effects. White was shocked at the premiere because the finished film was nothing like the initial, much better first cut he had seen.


Trivia: John Leguizamo admitted to accidentally urinating in the Clown suit one day, because it took too long to take off, and he couldn't hold it any longer.


Trivia: Michael Jai White really enjoyed being set on fire for the stunt where his character Al is initially killed, albeit for a silly reason. As a precaution behind the scenes to prevent burns, his body was covered in a gel that had been cooled in ice for four days straight. He was absolutely freezing, since his body was literally ice-cold. Once he was lit, the heat warmed the gel a little, making him slightly more comfortable. White quipped that he was willing to do more takes to literally warm up.


Trivia: Clown says he is not the "Vindicator... or the Victimizer... or the Vaporizer or the Vibrator! I am... Violator!" Vindicator and Vaporizer are names of two of the five Phlebiac Brothers from the comic book. The other three are Vandalizer, Vacillator and of course Violator.


Trivia: Martin Sheen agreed to be part of the film because he always wanted a role in a comic movie.


Trivia: "Spaz" the dog has that name as a reference to special effects supervisor Steve Williams.


Trivia: Spawn creator Todd McFarlane makes a cameo as the homeless guy that holds Spawn's machine gun.


Trivia: This film was the first to have an African American hero based on a comic book.


Continuity mistake: When Wynn is talking to Al about the mission to blow up the plant, Wynn puts his cigarette out in the ash tray in the scorpion bowl and there are 4 butts in the ash tray, but a minute later when the camera shows the 2 scorpions fighting, the ash tray has no cigarette butts in it. (00:11:19)

AzN InVasian

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Clown: I'm gonna cut you into 50 pieces and mail you to every state.

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Chosen answer: He is squatting the entire time in every scene. The suit probably helped in ways to balance himself whilst squatting, so he could hold on much longer than normally.


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