Bordello of Blood

Bordello of Blood (1996)


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Zeke: Step outside.
Rafe Guttman: Sorry, Zeke - I'm just not in the mood for a blowjob.

Lilith: Two! Four! Six! Eight! You can watch me masturbate.

Tamara: Guess where you just landed, lover?
Rafe Guttman: Larry Flynt's id?

Rafe Guttman: Sorry Katherine, but that wasn't your brother anymore.
Caleb: Wrong! I'll always be your brother, sis.
Rafe Guttman: Katherine, run from your brother.

Lilith: I'm afraid God can't help you.

Rafe Guttman: You're reminding me why being married to you drove me to the brink of homosexuality.

Rafe Guttman: I feel like I'm in a bad episode of Tales From The Crypt.

Caleb Verdoux: Oh my God, it's a necrophiliac's wet dream.

Katherine: A whorehouse?
Rafe: A house inhabited by whores.

Lillith: Don't eat your heart out, baby - that's MY job.

Continuity mistake: During the battle at the bordello, the head Vampire snaps Reverend J.C.'s right hand off at the wrist, exposing the bone and leaving it hanging by the skin. This is done with a close up shot of a model hand, but all other full shots of J.C. after shows his hand is fine.

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