The Time Machine

Corrected entry: The time machine seems to obey gravity, otherwise the main character would experience weightlessness in his bubble, and the machine would emerge in some desolate area of space after travelling so much as a second - the Earth, solar system, and the whole galaxy all move trough the Universe at phenomenal speeds. As the character continuously sees what's happening outside, we deduce that for every moment between the time the machine starts travelling and the time it stops, the machine is still present at its place, but "phased out" somehow so that it doesn't interact with matter, only with radiation such as light - if it did interact with matter, anything solid passing trough the same place as the time machine would have hit it. Now if the machine obeys gravity but doesn't interact with solid matter, shouldn't it fall into the center of the Earth?

Correction: Perhaps it is designed to interact with not gravity, but Earth's magnetic field? That is just as powerful as gravity and would keep the time machine in the same spot. (It's not a perfect explanation but answers most of the problems in this mistake.)

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: I keep on wondering, why did the moorloc leader fall for Alex's trap. Surely if he was such a good telepath that he could make Alex see things, it would have only taken few seconds for him to look in Alex's mind, see the trick and do something about it.

Correction: Not if A. Alex did it on the spur of the moment and didn't spend any time thinking about it, and B. the leader Morlock was a product of breeding to increase intelligence at the expense of strength. Alex was considerably faster and stronger and was able to get the drop on him even if the Morlock did see it coming.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Alexander is told he can't change the past because his fiance's death is why he built the time machine. Judging by all the clocks and equations in his home and schoolroom, he might have been working on it anyway. Just seems like a weak paradox.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Yes he was working on the time machine before her death. However, he wouldn't have been obsessed with it, and as shown to him later, he would have eventually stopped working on it once he had kids.

Corrected entry: Why doesn't Alexander use the time machine to go back in time and prevent Mara from being captured? The head Morlock says the reason that Alexander cannot change the past, prevent his girlfriend from dying specifically, is because that is what prompted him to create the time machine, thus creating a paradox. OK. The only thing Alexander shouldn't be able to change is the death, or anything related to it, of his girlfriend. Anything after that should be fair game.

Charles Fraser

Correction: He would have no chances against the morlocks, and even if he saves her once, they still would have to fear the Morlocks. In fact he already had the idea to destroy the Morlocks with a time wave, by manipulating his time machine with the clock as he was in the future and sees that the Morlocks had spread all over and destroyed the environment. This was the best chance for the Eloi.

Corrected entry: When he is with the girl from the future and her son, the son says, "we are getting ready for the mor." He speaks in all English so he should say night but he doesn't, he says mor.

Maureen Mintzer

Correction: This is intended, because Kalen does not know the English word for night, so he says it in Eloi.

Corrected entry: Somehow the time machine always manages to halt travelling through time (even by accident) when there are no objects obstructing its placement, and at ground-level (despite millions of years of geological change). For some reason, future New York City built an alleyway right where the time machine was.

Correction: Actually, there are. When the traveller is knocked out in his machine, he advances millions of years through time and is covered by snow. As long as he's in the blue shield, he and his machine are protected from the effects of time. It's also demonstrated when the Moorlock fell out side the protective shield while it was travelling through time and aged thousands of years instantly. He also chooses when to stop travelling, like in the alleyway, so he can stop there and look around. Keep in mind he's only there for a split second too, so it's not likely he will suddenly stop in a wall.

Corrected entry: The Eloi "leader" doesn't know the stone language. The next day, he is nearly fluent.

Correction: In the first instance, Mara breaks in on her own immediately after Alexander says he doesn't understand the Eloi language. It's not that he doesn't know it, it's that he never attempts to speak the stone language until confronted by Alexander the next day.

Jason Sieberg

Corrected entry: When he travels trough time and watches his girl friend on a photo hanger it falls out of the time machine. He grabs it, but his hand leaves the machine for a while. You can see the photo age quickly, but so should his hand. At least some fingernails should be grown quite a bit.

Correction: Look closer (easier to see when he pulls the lever down). His fingernails DO actually grow.

Corrected entry: When Alexander goes into the future and meets Samantha Mumba, she says that almost everyone forgets the stone language. If most forget and the others can only remember by reading random words on tablets, then who teaches the children to speak it perfectly?

Correction: She states herself that she is a teacher of the language, that she teaches it to the children.

Corrected entry: When Alexander goes into the ground to get the girl taken by the other species, he sees her top in a pile of clothes next to the butcher table. Later when he sees her in the cage she is naked from behind but when he helps her out of the cage after he kills the leader she is wearing that same top.

Correction: Alexander didn't see her top, he saw a piece of her jewelry.

Corrected entry: When Alexander meets the computer (Orlando Jones) in the New York Library at the first stop he makes in the future, Jones can only be seen through the glass. When he is walking between glasses, he disappears. When Alex travels 800,000 years into the future he meets the same computer (in the now-destroyed library). But when Jones is telling him about his companion, who is now a skeleton, he reaches over to pat the skull. When he does, his hand travels outside the glass realm but is still visible.

Correction: If you look closely though you'll see that it's a cracked glass shield missing a piece in the middle and continuing on the other side(where the hand is projected).

Corrected entry: The little photo that Alexander has of Emma was in colour. Colour photography did not exist at the turn of the century.

Correction: It's not really a color photo. Until the 50s, painted pictures were very popular.

Corrected entry: Watch when Emma is struck by the carriage. The carriage actually passes right by her, leaving her standing. the scene then cuts to Alexander, after which we hear Emma's scream. The carriage should be about 15 - 20 feet past her by this time.

Correction: The first carriage doesn't hit her, it just passes her. You can see the other one actually going right towards her, that's the one that hits her.

Factual error: When Philby and Alexander are talking about Albert Einstein, Alexander mentions that Einstein is a patent clerk. The beginning of this movie takes place in the year 1899. Einstein was still in school and didn't become a patent clerk until 1902.

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Uber-Morlock: You built your time machine because of Emma's death. If she had lived, it would never have existed. So how could you use your machine to go back to save her?

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, when Mrs. Watchitt is standing in the doorway, there is a picture of H.G. Wells hanging on the wall behind her.

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