Charlotte Gray

Factual error: In the scene where the resistance blow up a German train, the locomotive is a British one. The number is shown as 92240. This engine is owned by the Bluebell railway, who are named in the credits. It wasn't even built until around 1955. It seems to be the same engine pulling the train to the concentration camp later in the film. Remarkably fast repairers, those Nazis.

Factual error: In the last 20 minutes of the film the title character is shown in London at a bomb site. A double decker bus is in a crater. The bus is painted in the correct livery. Unfortunately it is of a type that was not manufactured until after the war. It is a post-war RT type. Pre-war versions had a small box in the centre of the roof, at the front, which carried the route number. Driver's cab side window curved down towards the front and front window curved down towards the side. The bus in the film has none of these features.


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