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Continuity mistake: While eating with the family, Wednesday's left arm is on the table while she looks to the right. A shot later she is staring down at her food and her arm is lowered. (00:41:52)

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Continuity mistake: When Pugsley asks Fester if he likes the blood, his left arm swaps between being under the table to being on the table. (00:57:39)

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Pugsley: Are they dead?
Wednesday: Does it matter?

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Trivia: The part of Morticia was originally offered to Cher, who passed because she felt that "The Addams Family" wouldn't do enough to boost her slumping (at least at the time) film career.

Jean G
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Question: How did Gomez and Fester Addams get back up to the first floor from the vault? All they enter was the slides.

Answer: No doubt the Addams house had one of many secret, confusing passageways to get to the higher floors (and other parts of the house) from the vault that the viewer obviously is not privy to.

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