Corrected entry: About 20 minutes into the film, a female reporter is asked who she works for. She replies, "BBC," and when asked what that stands for replies, "British Broadcasting Company." The correct name is "British Broadcasting Corporation".

Correction: I wouldn't call this a mistake. As the movie progresses, that particular character's back story becomes questionable, i.e., it's quite clear by the end that she does not in fact work for the BBC.

Corrected entry: At the climax of the film, a TV reporter says that independent presidential candidate Hal Phillip Walker of the Replacement Party has been winning primary elections. Third-party candidates do not participate in the primaries.

Correction: They can. Third parties candidates can participate in primary elections, if say, one party had more than one candidate running for president.


Opal: Oh, you've got a Hal Phillip Walker button. No, it's Kennedy. Isn't that rather ancient? Strange. I thought that everybody in the South didn't go for Kennedy.
Lady Pearl: It's John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Well, he, he took the whole South except for Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky. And there's a reason he didn't take Tennessee but he got 481,453 votes and the asshole got 556,577 votes.

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