Curly Sue

Curly Sue (1991)


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Trina: I don't usually smoke cigars, it's just that my friend had a baby.

Curly Sue: These tights itch... These things stick to your butt.

Bill Dancer: You can cry and not feel sad, just like you can feel sad and not cry.

Curly Sue: And if she doesn't come out - We freeze our nuts off.
Bill Dancer: You don't have any nuts to freeze off, honey.

Visible crew/equipment: Toward the end of the movie Curly Sue comes back home from the orphanage. She sees the letter from Bill and begins to walk slowly to the living room - look left to the screen and you will notice something drop from above kinda looks like something silver, maybe a boom mic.

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Question: When Grey questions Walker about calling children services, why did she keep asking Walker if he did call them? Grey wanted a yes or no from him but, every answer Walker gave was pretty much his way of saying yes.

Answer: He knew if he said, no, it would have been a lie. He tried to answer in a way that would not make him sound like a villain.

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