Bloodsport (1988)

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Corrected entry: When Jean Claude knocks out Hussein, he falls down on his stomach, but in the next scene where they carry him away, he is suddenly lying on his back.

Correction: Hussein never falls on his stomach. In the middle of his fall, he twists and lands on his back. You can see this as they cut to a far away shot.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie it says Frank fought at the Kumite between 1972-1980. That would make his first fight in 1972. When Frank first meets Ray before his first fight, they play a game of Karate Champ. Karate Champ didn't come out until 1984.

Correction: Although it's true that Karate Champ wouldn't have been around at the time that Frank Dux actually fought at the Kumite, it's not necessarily true that the movie took place in '72. The film is not a documentary or biography. It is a story "based on" Frank Dux's life, not dependant on "when" it happened.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the two FBI agents are chasing Jean-Claude after confronting him in the hotel lobby, they initially had stunguns. But in the street scene when they are running after him, the stunguns are clearly gone. Sure you could argue they put it in their pockets but in another part of the same scene you see the blazers of the agents' suits flapping in the wind, and there's no way a stun gun is in there!

Correction: They drop the stun guns as they run off after Frank.

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In the final final fight scene, Jean Claude's hair is dry and combed, then wet and sweaty, then back to dry so on and so forth.



At the time Jean-Claude Van Damne was merely a well known kickboxer in Europe but was anxious to break into Hollywood. When spotting producer producer Menahem Golan coming out of a restaurant one evening, he spied his chance. He began with the standard, tried and tested basic method of introducing himself, but then departed from the norm somewhat and added his own flourish by doing a 360 degree spinning kick that only just missed Golan's head. Non conventional, yes, but effective, as Golan swiftly signed him up.