The Mothman Prophecies

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere is talking to the woman who saw the Mothman in her garden, when the camera is moving away at the end of the scene, you can see an engraving of the Mothmans face on the tree next to him.

Correction: First, pointing out something that's seen in the film is not trivia. Second, that's not an's the burn mark left by the being.

Corrected entry: There's a scene where Richard Gere is in the hotel at Pleasant Point trying to understand what Indrid Cold is saying in the message he taped. He tries over and over and finally the whispering voice of Indrid says something about a 'tragedy UP the Ohio River'. Then, in the scene where it becomes clear the tragedy will be the collapse of the bridge, Richard Gere remembers Indrid's message and a voice, that in no way resembles Indrid's, say in background that a 'tragedy will happen ON the Ohio River'.

Correction: I watched this movie just last night to make sure, and I heard the same thing each time: "A great tragedy on the river Ohio." The second time it's heard, it is more clear, but that's about it.

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere is talking to the mothman on the phone in his hotel toom, he turns off all the lights and closes the curtains so it is completely dark. However, he doesn't turn off the telly, which was previously on, and should be producing a lot of light.

Correction: Actually, he closes the curtains first, and then shuts off the lights. If you watch closely, the scene cuts from him being on the bed straight to him standing at the window to close the curtains. He had plenty of time to shut off the TV on his way to the window. Just because you don't see him do it does not mean it could not have been done.


Corrected entry: The bridge's collapse is shown taking place at night, in full darkness. The collapse of the Silver Bridge actually happened at 5:04 pm - in that area, and in December, this is within a few minutes of sunset.

Correction: This film is only "based" on true events, not a faithful reenaction. Artistic changes for effect were taken by director, which disqualifies this as a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Richard Gere and his wife have the accident in the beginning of the film her head smashes against the side window. She is in hospital and the scene jumps to two weeks later. He drives to the scene where they had the accident and you can see that the car's side window is still smashed. Surely in 2 weeks you would think he would get it repaired rather than being a constant reminder of his wife's accident.


Correction: It's not unlikely that with a busy work schedule and a wife in the hospital that he'd not have had time to worry about getting the window fixed.

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere's car breaks down on his way to Richmond and he stops at Gordon's house and Sgt. Connie Parker (Laura Linney) turns up and gives him a lift to Point Pleasant, she arrives in a state trooper police car, in the next scene, they are travelling in a Jeep Grand Cherokee police vehicle.

Correction: I disagree. It is a Jeep Grand Cherokee in both scenes.


Corrected entry: According to the "West Virginia Historical Society" October 2001, 46 people perished, not 36 as stated by the Fire Chief.

Correction: The movie is only based on the mothman prophecies, not all of the film is true.

Corrected entry: Richard Gere said that his wife had some kind of brain surgery after the accident. When she was in the hospital she had no bandages around her head and her hair was not shaved at all. Even from the accident she should have needed some kind of stitching or bandages.

Correction: She never had surgery after the accident. It's a possiblity that she only went to the hospital for a possible concussion. After she wakes up in the hospital she talks to Richard Gere and when she says that something is wrong with her that's when the tumor is discovered. The reason that we don't see any scars or bandages is because Richard Gere is talking to a friend about his wifes tumor and her operation after it's discovery and also because up to the point when Richard Gere recieves the phone call about his wifes death we don't see her at all.

Corrected entry: The beginning of the movie takes place in the 1960's, but in the car accident scene they crash an E28 BMW from the 80's.

Correction: Being as this is a movie based off of an event, it is safe to assume it's a later date. In fact, this is probably supposed to be the Winter of 2003, due to the simple item on Chapter 6 of the DVD (Two Years Later), they say "2004 - Is there a dark horse candidate out there for the Democrats?".

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere receives the first hangup phone call in the motel, he is sitting on the side of the bed. The camera shot then changes, and it appears that he is sitting on the other side of the bed facing the other direction. This "other side of the bed" also now has a phone and the lamp is turned on (whereas before there was no phone and no visible lamp). Even if there was a phone and a lamp, there is no way Richard Gere could move to the other side in a split second. (00:38:30)

Shaun Ewing

Correction: After watching that, I think that it was intentional. A lot of things happen without happening (such as phonecalls not really made). Perhaps this wasn't an actual phone call, but instead a mental lapse... he seems to be suffering from insomnia at that point. Just a thought.

Audio problem: When John rips the phone out of the wall, when it hits the floor it makes a bell sound even though its a cordless phone.

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Indrid Cold: Mary Klein cannot be found by looking. You will see her in time.

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