Masters of the Universe

Continuity mistake: As Skeletor attacks He-Man at the end, his hood alternates from up to down, then back up before he falls.

Visible crew/equipment: As Blade turns around with sword in Grayskull, the light panel for the camera is reflected on his patch.

Other mistake: As Gwildor talks, you can see the actor's real mouth can be seen.

Continuity mistake: The electronic lights on Skeletor's gauntlets are on the top. After He-Man surrenders, the lights are on the bottom.

Other mistake: As the camera precedes He-Man, the tire tracks of the camera vehicle can be seen over his right shoulder.

Continuity mistake: As He-Man ducks from a shot by the centurion, his sword and harness fall completely off. In the stairwell, it's back in place.

Other mistake: As the troops come through the door to our world, assuming the are on the street between the buildings and the shot is done outside, the words on the drug store windows they pass are reversed.

Revealing mistake: As Evil-lyn sends a signal, one of the troops behind her gets on the transport. As he passes the railing, it and the wall wobble badly, showing a very cheaply made prop.

Evil-Lyn: After all this time, Grayskull is ours.
Skeletor: NO! Mine.

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Trivia: Gwildor was an original character who did not appear in the Mattel MOTU line until after the movie's broadcasting.

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