John Q

Factual error: When the donor is wheeled in for surgery to harvest her organs there are no signs of life support, no tubes, no IV, not resporator. A donor must be kept "alive" by life support or the organs will die.

Factual error: There is a scene where John Q's son whispers to him with a breathing tube down his throat. It is physically impossible to speak, even whisper, with a breathing tube.

Factual error: In any police siege situations, it is a standard of public safety to evacuate the entire street, if not the entire city block if possible. There is always a 'buffer' zone between the public and the cordons and road blocks. These are all international givens. Yet the spectators are close enough to almost walk in the front doors of the hospital, shout opinions, read the time on Denzels watch, etc.

Factual error: In the opening scene with the truck driving the road in Montana, the license plate reads 63T. In Montana the numbers tell what county the car is from. Number 1 is the biggest county in population and number 56 is the smallest. 63 is incorrect because Montana has only 56 counties.

Factual error: John cocks his Beretta 92 on his leg, (time 1:30:44), and then you find out the gun wasn't loaded (time 1:39:35). When he cocked his gun without any bullets in it, the gun would have locked the slide open. The argument that he maybe didn't pull the slide all the way back to fake it and it wouldn't lock open would be hard to do since he did it with one hand against his leg and did it with such force he wouldn't have been able to do a shorter pull. (01:30:40 - 01:39:35)


Continuity mistake: When they bring in the car crash victim (future heart donor), the victim is in perfect condition. No blood, broken bones or anything. Pretty good to have been hit by a truck. (01:32:20)

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Trivia: The scene where George W Bush is speaking about health care while John and Denise are watching TV there is also shot with footage of Al Gore because the election was between the time of shooting and release.

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Question: After John releases the hostages, we see the woman Rosa go to a police car. When she is asked to comment on John, she calls him a good man and then starts talking in Spanish. I can catch that she calls someone crazy, but I can't understand any of the rest. What is it that she's saying?

Answer: She says, "John Q is a good man. He is unlike the other jerk that hits his wife in the face."

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